Moments of Truth

Tracy Streebel

One thing to get right every time.

Each email that lands in my inbox gets a 3 second value assessment before I decide to do it, delegate it, or dump it.

Tracy Streebel

Short survey? Yeah, right!

I work for a company that does online surveys. If anyone is going to complete your survey, it is me.

Eric Gregg

3 Ways to Increase Your Client Survey Response Rate

As you analyze the results of your most recent client survey, one question you ought to be asking is “how can I get more of my clients to participate?”

Eric Gregg

Seth Godin’s 5 Tips to Successful Online Surveys

Seth Godin is one of my favorite business writers. He is clearly at the top of the “quantity” of ideas list within the business world, but what is rare to me is – he is also near the top of my list for “quality” of thought. He submitted a wholly digestible list of 5 guides [...]

Eric Gregg

Guy Kawasaki’s Take on Customer Surveys

An interesting post today by Guy Kawasaki on the art of customer surveys.  He shares some of the insight from Dave Wanetick, managing director of Incremental Advantage.  It is well worth a read, though I don’t agree with all the points.  Specifically….. Customers do not want spend time answering surveys. Completing a survey that takes [...]

Eric Gregg

Surveys – Can you trust online?

A great post today by the Wall Street Journal’s Number’s Guy. The question….do we trust online polls? More or less than telephone polls?

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