Moments of Truth

Tracy Streebel

Recover With Your Clients Like You Mean it

I love when people are intuitive enough to recognize the opportunity to turn a bad experience into an exceptional one. The other day I went to a new dentist for the very first time…

Nathan Goff

Fanatical Client Service or Why I love Rackspace

I am obnoxiously smitten with the hosting company Rackspace, so much so that my co-workers wonder if I secretly work for them in my off hours. We recently migrated our entire surveying and reporting technology…

Eric Gregg

Service Recovery – Timing is Everything

In my last post, I used Nike+ support as an example of a company that really gets the nuance of service recovery. I finished my experience with them happy, even though they actually didn’t even fix my initial problem. I guess I’m a sucker for the little things. Now let’s use LinkedIn as an example of a company that missed an opportunity to further cement my support (I remain an unabashed fan)….

Eric Gregg

Learning from Nike and Apple

The impact of service failures depends largely on the way recovery happens. At a base level, it is often not the mistake that makes us tell a dozen people about the experience, but what the company or organization does to recover. There is reasonable evidence (this Journal of Marketing Research article, for example) that what [...]

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