Net Promoter Score®

Download our free guide to learn more about calculating your Net Promoter Score with your satisfaction survey data. It provides a detailed guide to calculating your first Net Promoter Score.

Simple Metric

A Net Promoter Score is a simple metric that is based on the single 11 point scale survey question as seen here: Sample Net Promoter Survey. Survey respondents are broken into 3 categories, depending on the score they give:

  • Promoters – respondents who answer a 9 or 10 to the recommend question represent your firm’s strongest allies and are most likely to promote your firm to others.
  • Passives – respondents who answer a 7 or 8 to the recommend question are indifferent to your firm.
  • Detractors – respondents who answer with a 6 or lower are unlikely to continue working with your firm.
  • The Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the % of promoters minus the % of detractors. The Net Promoter Score was developed by Bain consultant and author Frederick Reicheld. More information on Net Promoter Score can be found at

    Key Benefits

    There are many reasons to calculate your Net Promoter Score. A few of the most important ones are below:

    • The Net Promoter Score is a single number – simple to track and understand, yet powerful enough to drive change.
    • The Net Promoter Score is sensitive to change – every single client interaction will impact it.
    • Industry level Net Promoter Score values are available to benchmark your firm against competitors.

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