Meet the
Inavero Leadership Team

Kat Kocurek, VP of Marketing

Kat Kocurek is the VP of Marketing at Inavero, where she leads demand generation efforts across products and industry verticals. Kat oversees the day-to-day efforts of the marketing function as well as Inavero's market research team, and strives to bring data-driven insights and relevant research to every point of engagement with the Inavero brand.
Kat grew up in Houston, Texas and earned a degree in economics from Harvard University. She moved to Portland, Oregon in 2011 and in that time has mastered the art of surviving rainy season. In real life, Kat is a yoga teacher and overly-attached dog-mom. In her free time Kat can be found traipsing around the Pacific Northwest wilderness, trying her very best to cook from scratch, and nerding out over biomechanics.