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Tips For Following Up With Unsatisfied Survey Respondents (Detractors)

Clients don’t usually expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to perfectly recover from service failures. The Inavero survey provides you with the information you need to follow up with your clients and effectively fix these issues. It is crucial this process is strategically executed in order to avoid the risk of a bad situation turning worse.

Download this guide to receive helpful tips for following up with unsatisfied clients.


What are MyInavero’s Email Notifications

Several features in MyInavero can trigger a real-time email notification. You can use these settings to keep you in the loop while your survey is in the field without logging into the survey tool. If you want to receive more or less email notifications- most of these can be customized.

This guide explains the actions in MyInavero that trigger an email notification. 


What is MyInavero’s Shout Out Feature?

Shout Outs are a part of your client satisfaction survey. A Shout Out is an opportunity for one of your clients to recognize you or anyone on your team who has provided them with exceptional customer service. 

Download this guide to learn how MyInavero Shout Outs work.


How to Use MyInavero’s Issue Resolution Tracking

Unfortunately we all get them – detractors. To identify service concerns, and hopefully resolve them we’ve developed a tracking method to organize and keep your team all on the same page.  By default all detractors are automatically set as an issue that requires action to be taken.

Download this best practices guide on how to use MyInavero’s issue resolution tracking feature.


How to Get a Higher Survey Response Rate

Following up with non-responders is part of getting a high response rate. Download below this white paper for best practices and sample scripts for  following up with those who have not taken your satisfaction survey.

“I never received the email.”
Your Response: “I’m sorry to hear that. I’d love to have you weigh in with your thoughts. Can I
resend the link to you?” [Send link from nonresponse list downloaded from your MyInavero
Dashboard page.]