Survey Results

How to Use Your Captured Testimonials in MyInavero

Anyone can find 10 testimonials. Stand out and share the number of testimonials you receive.

“On our last survey, over 150 promoters shared a testimonial!”

In a recent study the top three things that make a testimonial most valuable to prospective clients are:

  • The testimonial is shared by someone in my industry
  • The testimonial addresses an issue important to me
  • The testimonial is shared by a highly regarded company in my industry

Download the white paper below for more best practices on using client testimonials.


Post Survey Follow Up With Clients (Email Template)

We call the survey following up: 2-1-1

(2) – Share 2 things you learn from the survey feedback that you are doing really well.

(1) – Share 1 thing you learned you need to work on

(1) – Share an action item you are putting in place to improve on the item you’re working on.

Following up with your clients after a survey is one of the biggest missed opportunities we see with firms. Download the email template below for a starting point when crafting a message to follow up with your clients.