Custom Market Research

Let’s get you looking smart in front of your clients and smart about the specific industries you serve! Establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry will set you apart from the rest while giving you PR, marketing, operational, and new business development tools that position your firm as a trusted advisor.

Why Invest in Custom Market Research?

  • Design Research to Test Key Storylines
  • Gather Rich Data
  • Identify Key Trends & Insights
  • Get Robust Reporting
  • Be a Thought Leader for Your Industry

How Custom Research Projects Work

Each custom research project is designed uniquely to fit your needs. These projects give you the flexibility to dive into hot topics or issues that are pertinent to your industry’s success and your company’s ability to uniquely serve your clients. Inavero’s expertise in your industry will help guide you through the entire process, from identifying potential storylines to delivering analysis and reporting specific to your firm’s needs.

1. Design Research to Test Key Storylines

Leveraging years of expertise surveying in your industry, we will help design questions to ensure the research yields insights, talking points and nuggets of data that matter to your key stakeholders.

  • Write Survey Questions

2. Gather Rich Data

Use our expertise to identify the appropriate audience to survey and how best to execute on data collection. We take care of all aspects of survey management, from designing the survey invitation, programming and testing the online survey and managing the survey while it’s in the field.

  • Write Email Invitation
  • Survey Programming & Testing
  • Survey Delivery

3. Identify Key Trends & Insights

After the data is verified and cleaned, our analysts dive deep into uncovering trends across audience segments and important topics while looking to identify storylines in the data that weren’t expected.

4. Get Robust Reporting

Your data will be showcased in charts and graphs highlighting the desired key storylines
as available while seeking out other hot topics that played out in the findings. Get
consultation on how best to use this information at your firm.

5. Be a Thought Leader for Your Industry

Your research findings position your firm ahead of the competition providing your firm with opportunities to differentiate, improve your operations, and increase revenue through paid speaking opportunities on these topics.

  • Generate Valuable PR & Marketing Stories
  • Identify Operational Insight
  • Generate Sales & Business Development Opportunities

— Natasha Lopoukhine
Corporate Marketing
24 Seven

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Year after year, my Inavero team sets the bar for what I expect the ideal external partner relationship to be. Collaborative, thoughtful, insightful, proactive, open, transparent, communicative, supportive, responsive, creative… I could go on. I could not imagine tackling my annual job market study initiative without them.”

— Natasha Lopoukhine
Corporate Marketing
24 Seven

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