Simple Satisfaction Surveys for B2B

The peace of mind your clients get from your firms’ products and services is why they partner with you and take you seriously. Inavero’s simple satisfaction surveys for B2B firms helps you deliver on your service promise to clients, improve satisfaction levels and generate more referrals and testimonials to help your firm out pace your competitors.

Hear What Your Clients and Talent Think

Pinpoint Service Wins and Issues

Get Fresh Testimonials

Identify Referral Prospects

Get Inavero Certified

Satisfaction Survery & Award Packages by Industry

How B2B Satisfaction Surveys Work

Our online surveying program uses the Net Promoter® Score methodology to easily measure your client’s satisfaction, capture testimonials, determine how you stack up against your competitors, and get Inavero Certified.

Hear what your clients think

1. Send Your Online Survey

Send your list of contacts to our team, and go! Our team of experts will take care of the
survey design, email invitation, and survey management.

Improve retention and account growth

2. Monitor Feedback and Take Action

Identify service-related issues in real-time. As your clients respond, you’ll get alerts when
and where you want them. Drill down to see scores by office, or individual service rep to
track critical issues and hold your team accountable.

Identify new business opportunities

3. Generate Fresh Testimonials & Referral Prospects

Your happiest clients are asked to give you a testimonial. Additionally, from those
testimonials your clients become targeted referral prospects. On average, 60% of happy
survey respondents give testimonials through our survey software.

Show service quality commitment

4. Get Inavero Certified

Receive a third-party certification for completing your client satisfaction survey. This
certification validates you have surveyed your clients at least once a year with Inavero.

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