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Get your client, talent and internal employee issues resolved before they boil over! Reporting on over 1.2 million satisfaction surveys from staffing firm clients, talent, and internal employees each year, we know what they need! Our online satisfaction surveys and custom research projects for staffing make you smart about your business practices and give you strategic insight to best service your clients and talent.

Prove Your Firm is the Best

  • Hear what your clients and talent think
  • Pinpoint service wins and issues
  • Get fresh testimonials
  • Identify referral prospects
  • Earn the Best of Staffing® Award
  • Build your online reputation

Get Real-Time Client & Talent Feedback

Simple Satisfaction Survey Packages

With our online Net Promoter Score® based satisfaction survey you will easily identify and reward top performers while quickly pinpointing clients, branches, and practice areas with service issues. High satisfaction scores are a strong predictor of your firm’s growth, while dissatisfied talent are 68% more likely to quit an assignment before its completed.

Survey Your Talent During Critical Touchpoints

Talent Engagement Survey Programs

On average, staffing firms rehire fewer than 25% of the talent who have successfully completed assignments for the firm. This is a big missed opportunity! Our active talent retention and rehire program for staffing firms quickly gets you visibility and accountability into your organization that you can’t create anywhere else.

Your Employee Satisfaction Directly Impacts Client Retention

Internal Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Your internal staff powers your firm’s growth. In fact, high growth firms often have turnover levels that are half the industry average. Your employees’ feedback remains anonymous while you get real-time information needed to identify what’s working internally and what’s not.

Become a Recognized Thought Leader in Staffing

Custom Market Research

In a recent staffing industry study, staffing buyers share that thought-leading research is the second most common way to secure a meeting with a potential client. Be the source for acquiring top talent in your industry. Get a clear understanding of workforce trends in your industry, skill set or geography you serve.

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This is a product that allows our company to really gauge comments and results from our clients and candidates with a true non bias and trusted reporting tool.”

President & CEO
Frontline Source Group

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