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Forty percent of talent placed on an assignment by a staffing firm are not contacted prior to the end of their assignment. Eek! Inavero is helping staffing firms fix the broken link between their talent engagement strategy and execution. Improve retention, referral and rehire rates for your firm, while improving satisfaction across critical points in your relationship with top talent. This program will improve both visibility and accountability across your firm.

Critical Talent Touchpoints

Through actively studying the broken link between talent engagement strategy and execution, we’ve found 3 key touchpoints in the talent engagement process that need improvement for staffing firms to get growth results – onboarding, mid-assignment, and end of assignment. Through regularly surveying these audiences, you get the information and visibility to hold your team accountable to providing excellent service.


Ensure the process you have in place when your talent starts their new position is getting followed and catch any potential issues so you can retain the hire through the assignment.


Now that your talent has been working in their position for a while, this check-in point can help clarify the experience working with your firm or the company at which they're placed. Again, any issues that arise can be resolved before they escalate.

End of Assignment

Increase your rehire rate as you identify those who are ending their assignment and excited to continue to work with you. Additionally resolve any outstanding issues.

How the Talent Engagement Program Works

Hear what your talent thinks

1. Send Your Online Survey

Send your online survey regularly during key touchpoints (onboarding, mid-assignment, and end of assignment). Send your list of contacts to our team, and go! Our team of experts will take care of the survey design, email invitation, and survey management.

Improve retention and account growth

2. Monitor Feedback and Take Action

Get near real-time visibility into field activity and hold your team accountable. As your talent respond, you’ll identify service-related issues in real-time and get alerts when and where you want them. Drill down to see scores by branch location, practice area, or individual recruiter/account manager.

Identify new business opportunities

3. Get Testimonials & Referral Prospects During Key Talent Touchpoints

Your happiest talent are asked to give you a testimonial. Additionally, from those testimonials your talent become targeted referral prospects. On average, 60% of happy survey respondents give testimonials through our survey software.

Differentiate yourself and close more new business

4. Qualify to Earn the Best of Staffing® Talent Award for Service Excellence

Clients buy from winners! Use your firm’s satisfaction score to qualify you for the Best of Staffing Award, differentiating your firm in sales and marketing efforts.

Improve your online presence and reputation

5. Showcase your Award and Get Featured on BestofStaffing.com

Award winners are showcased on BestofStaffing.com – the premier online resource for hiring professionals and job seekers in the U.S. and Canada to find the best staffing agencies.

— Eric Adams
Vice President,
Strategic Accounts Delivery & Implementation
TRC Staffing Services, Inc.

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The Inavero team is extremely interested in my business, my experience with their products/services and is focused on the continuous improvement of their offerings.”

— Eric Adams
Vice President,
Strategic Accounts Delivery & Implementation
TRC Staffing Services, Inc.

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