Current NPS Benchmarks for Other B2B Firms

The Inavero satisfaction benchmarks for these other B2B industries were set using a study conducted in-house utilizing respondents from an independent third party panel sample provider. To qualify for the study the respondents had to play a part in the relationship with the B2B service provider so they could accurately portray their satisfaction.

 Net Promoter ScoreAverage Score% Promoters% Passives% Detractors
B2B Software27%7.9146%36%19%
Building Services6%7.3336%34%30%
Commercial Construction19%7.6348%22%29%
Commercial Printing20%7.6245%30%25%
Commercial Real Estate28%7.8751%26%23%
Design Services20%7.7445%31%24%
Engineering (not technology related)22%7.8646%30%24%
HR Services8%7.2240%29%32%
Management Consulting17%7.6643%31%26%
Marketing/Creative Agency18%7.7240%37%23%
Software Development20%7.7343%35%23%
Technology Services17%7.6242%33%25%