About Us

Nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon surrounded by bridges and microbreweries, Inavero is a privately held business that’s passionate about working with B2B firms to utilize their clients’ satisfaction to grow and retain business while making it easy for people to identify the very best firms to work with.

Made in Oregon

Inavero is a privately owned business in Portland, Oregon. CEO, Eric Gregg founded Inavero in the summer of 2003 bringing his expertise in marketing and quantitative analysis to B2B firms around the globe. In 2008, Eric partnered with Nathan Goff who actualized the Inavero proprietary surveying software through his expertise in leading enterprise software development.

Satisfaction Survery & Award Packages by Industry

for Accounting Firms

Referrals are the foundation of your firm’s success. Inavero’s survey program will not only ensure you have the feedback you need to continue delivering remarkable service, but will also help you turn the clients who love you into powerful testimonials.

for Staffing Firms

Inavero surveys more staffing firm clients and job candidates than anyone else in the world. We understand your challenges – from talent shortages to demanding clients. Inavero’s survey is built to move at your fast speed!

for other B2B Firms

If you have high value, long term clients that you want to simply and efficiently gather feedback from, we might be the solution for you. We don’t just administer surveys, we have feedback programs that provide the benchmarking and guidance to help you make them successful.